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Location Aware DNS Server Deployment Specification

Location Aware DNS Server Deployment Specification
Project location:
Location Aware DNS Server Deployment Specification and operation Specification
Windows Service Deployment Specification
Hardware requirements
Hardware Suggestion: CPU with double core and above
Software requirements:
1. Operating System: Windows Server 2003(R1,R2)/Windows Server 2008(R1,R2)/Windows7
2. .Net Version :.Net Framework4.0 at least.
Project Files:
1. All files that Location Aware DNS Server Windows Service will deploy include InstallUtil.exe(the local machine provides it in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319) ,database.config,DNS.config,ARSoft.Tools.Net.dll,IBatisNet.Common.dll,IBatisNet.DataMapper.dll,IISCompanion.Domain.dll,IISCompanion.Service.dll,LADNSServer.DnsServerLib.dll,LADNSServer.DnsServerWindowsService.exe,LADNSServer.DnsServerWindowsService.exe.config.Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\, Data\ ,Data\
Note :The DeployFile folder provides all the files above, please check out them carefully.
Windows service deployment steps:
1. Modify the DNS deployment file according to note specification in deployment file.
2. Modify the database configuration file, besides this step can escape if the database need not to be updated.
3. Add data according to the file of data operation instruction
①Add local IP address in


②Add IP address and Domain name mapping data in


③Add the data item of Network Segment and Internet Service Provider in


④Add the Domain the can’t be resolved in


⑤Add the Domain name the can’t be resolved in

⑥Add the Network Segment that the users whose Domain name can’t be resolved are in in

⑦Add the IP address which can’t be resolved in

4. Run the command prompt as an administrator,then go into the directory of deployment file
5. Installing starts
Input command: installutil LADNSServer.DnsServerWindowsService.exe and press the Enter key .Installation information is as follows:
Uninstall command : installutil /u LADNSServer.DnsServerWindowsService.exe
6. Start service
Input the command of services.msc and open services manager,then you can find LADnsWinService,click run commnd.
7. End
   Now, You have installed Location Aware DNS Server successfully and can use it normally.You can check out service running status according to Windows service log and Domain name resolved log.

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